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    Deadline: February 28, 2018

    Open Positions

    Pursuant to Section 3.4 of the APAI Constitution candidates for elected office must be individual or organizational members in good standing who are willing and able to fulfill the duties of said office, as defined in the Bylaws. Pursuant to Section 3.6 of the APAI Constitution elected officers shall serve two-year terms and may not serve for more than two elected consecutive terms in the same office.


    • The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association, speak on the behalf of the Association,
      and preside over all meeting of the Association.

    • The President shall appoint Regional or Sectional Vice Presidents, and serve on the Executive and Finance Committees.

    • The President shall oversee the activities of all officers, supervise the Chief Administrative Officer and function as the
      liaison between the Chief Administrative Officer and the Executive Committee and be responsible for the coordination
      of communications between the Association membership and other criminal justice professionals and organizations.


    • The Treasurer shall oversee all financial affairs of the Association and provide information and support to the Finance Committee.

    • The Treasurer and Executive Director shall submit an annual budget containing personnel, operating and
      related fiscal information to the Executive Committee for approval a minimum of sixty days prior to consideration.

    • The Treasurer shall present the Executive Committee approved Association budget to the membership at
      the Annual Business Meeting.

    The Treasurer shall perform such other tasks as the President may assign. The holder of either office should be prepared to:

    • Attend in-person Executive Committee meeting(s) generally held in conjunction with the annual chairs training and/or the annual training conference.

    • Participate in monthly meetings of the Executive Committee conducted by teleconference.

    • Attend other meetings and functions as necessary to carry out the business of the association.